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Comprehensive Weaning Guide

One of the most intimidating aspects of adopting a baby bird is weaning. We wanted to put together a comprehensive weaning guide to help you learn how to help hand-fed weaning baby parrots. This will not simply be hand-feeding instructions, but rather, a weaning guide that supplements hand-feeding. This is to help wean your baby …

Senegal Parrots Make Excellent Companions

The Senegal parrot, formally known as the Poicephalus senegalus is one of three subspecies with the nominate being the most popular. While behavior is much the same among all three there are distinct differences in coloration. These two additional subspecies include: Poicephalus mesotypus – This parrot has an orange vest and originates from Cameroon in …

Great-Billed Parrots: Gentle Companions

In the wild Great-bills are from many islands of Indonesia – northern, central and southern Moluccas, Tanimbar Islands, Timor, Flores and Sumba in Lesser Sunda Islands, Talaud and Sangir Islands, islands around Sulawasi, western Papaun islands and those off the coast of Vogelkop, Irian and Jaya. Great-billed parrots are the largest member of the Tanygnathus …

Ring-Necked Parakeets: Indian vs. African Comparison

Indian and African Ringneck Parrots are often confused as the same parrot so I wanted to highlight the subtle but significant differences in this article. They are obviously from two different countries, hence the name “African” and “Indian” and their life spans differ; ARN live up to 50 years and IRN can live 15-30 years. …

Finches: Colorful and Active

There are hundreds of different species that make up the finch family. They are a very small bird (2-4 inches) that come from all parts of the world. Their life span is generally 6-8 years and are a very low maintenance caged bird. I’ll only discuss the most popular species that we carry which are …

Eclectus Parrots: Loyal Companions

Eclectus parrots have to be one of my favorite exotic birds by far for reasons you will read in this article. They originally come from Australia and neighboring islands, New Guinea and Papau region. They are one of the few parrots that are sexually dimorphic, which means you can tell gender by their color, boys …

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