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Comprehensive Weaning Guide

One of the most intimidating aspects of adopting a baby bird is weaning. We wanted to put together a comprehensive weaning guide to help you learn how to help hand-fed weaning baby parrots. This will not simply be hand-feeding instructions, but rather, a weaning guide that supplements hand-feeding. This is to help wean your baby …

Regurgitation vs Vomiting

  Regurgitation vs. Vomiting Whether you have a baby bird you are hand raising, a juvenile or an older bird that regurgitates or vomits you should know the difference between the two. The two terms are used interchangeably but they are actually not the same although to us humans it looks the same. Regurgitation is …

The Importance of Foraging

In the wild, parrots exhibit four main behaviors: social interaction, grooming, foraging, and sleeping. The vast majority of their days are spent foraging or searching for food. Food is readily available for pet birds. A feeding process that should take hours, may take only minutes in the caged bird. Left with little to fill their days, some birds …

Tips for a Happy Sun Conure

Prepare your conure’s home before bringing him back home. Get the right size of cage. Conures need big cages and many toys. Intelligent and constantly busy, you’ll need a large cage so that he can spread his wings without touching the sides of the cage. His tail should not touch the cage bottom or brush the cage …

Converting to a Healthy Diet

All-seed diets are deficient in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, minerals such as calcium, and the correct balance of amino acids. Over time, seed diets lead to malnutrition and weakening of the immune system. Conversion to a healthy diet will improve the health and feather quality of your pet bird. Before beginning a dietary conversion, …

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