Companion Birds Archive

Wings: Clipped vs Unclipped

To Clip or Not to Clip There are a zillion and 1 opinions about clipping (or not) the flight feathers of your bird(s) and we are not here to say any of them are right or wrong. You need to make the decision based on what’s right for your family dynamics and for your bird. …

Great-Billed Parrots: Gentle Companions

In the wild Great-bills are from many islands of Indonesia – northern, central and southern Moluccas, Tanimbar Islands, Timor, Flores and Sumba in Lesser Sunda Islands, Talaud and Sangir Islands, islands around Sulawasi, western Papaun islands and those off the coast of Vogelkop, Irian and Jaya. Great-billed parrots are the largest member of the Tanygnathus …

Tips on Bathing your Bird

The natural habitat for many species of parrots is tropical rainforests that have high levels of humidity. As a result, these birds bathe on a regular basis. Even birds raised in arid environments enjoy bathing, which actually stimulates preening and is important for healthy feathers. Sometimes, parrots not provided the opportunity to bathe will begin …

Help With Birds and Chronic Egg Laying

A Guide to “Chronic Egg Laying” Many people to include bird owners have never heard of “chronic egg laying”, a condition whereby a bird will produce an ordinarily high number of eggs or have repeated clutches of eggs. This typically happens when a bird’s normal mate is not around but it can also occur outside …

Eclectus Parrots: Loyal Companions

Eclectus parrots have to be one of my favorite exotic birds by far for reasons you will read in this article. They originally come from Australia and neighboring islands, New Guinea and Papau region. They are one of the few parrots that are sexually dimorphic, which means you can tell gender by their color, boys …

Bird Behavior Modification Techniques

Using Modification Techniques to Correct Unwanted Behaviors in Birds Parrots and other companion birds go through periods of displaying unwanted behaviors to include feather plucking. Although this can be considered a type of bad behavior, it can also signify a sick bird. For that reason, it is important to have a companion bird checked by …

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