Play gyms are a necessity in all bird’s daily living! Perches, play gyms, and cargo nets provide mental and physical stimulation that are much like their natural environment, the jungle. They fly from tree to tree and mountain tops to vines from top to bottom in search of food and fun! We carry play gyms from table tops to enormous trees that can be filled with toys and hidden nooks for food.

Our perches are made from various types of wood such as grapevine, dragon wood and java wood. The Java Tree is a natural tree perch made from a single coffee tree of 25 to 35 years of age when the tree becomes non-productive. This responsible harvesting recycles old trees and does not hurt the environment and in addition provides a supplementary income where there was none previously for coffee farmers. This complementary piece of furniture adds natural decor to your home and lots of exercise for your companion bird. Added bonus in considering a java tree,  less then 1% of the trees are suitable for sale to provide a safe enrichment treat for your bird.

We do also have wrought iron play gyms that provide durable and long lasting exercise for your parrots. All play gyms should include a water and treat bowl. I say treat bowl because this is where your bird’s favorite treat should be given. This encourages them to stay on the perch to forage and play. Proper use of the entire play tree or stand should be a learned activity and reserving their favorite nut or snack works like a charm.

A play gym shouldn’t be to high or too close to furniture or blinds they can reach and climb off or destroy expensive crown molding this is why a good play gym should have plenty of toy hanging hooks.  When picking out the perfect play gym ask one of our helpful staff members what size perch diameter is just right for your species because if the size is not right they could fall, then they are likely to reject this new tree all together forever!