Normal Weights in Companion Birds

Normal Weights in Companion Birds

We recommend weighing your birds because as caged birds and clipped parrots, they get far less exercise than that of their cousins in the jungle so obesity is not uncommon in our exotic birds. Another added benefit is making sure they are healthy.

Although small birds are hard to weigh on a gram scale because they are generally kept flighted and are not hand trained it is the converse for parrots. We strongly recommend you weigh your bird routinely at the same time of the day if possible.

Exotic birds are prey and are very skilled at hiding any illness almost until it’s too late.

The ONLY way to tell if your companion bird is not well is weight loss in grams every day. Here is a guideline for adult birds so keep in mind babies still on formula can surpass these numbers but will lose 10-15% of their body weight during the weaning process but should gain it back in their first year. These are ranges, and of course, each bird can vary slightly due to frame size or how many were born in his or her clutch but if you are weighing regularly you’ll know baby’s own baseline weight.

I couldn’t possibly list all species and subspecies here but these are the most common birds we see:Avian Scales



Species                                                     Average body weight (grams)    Reported range (grams)


Zebra                                                            15                                                            10-16

Canary                                                       22                                                            12-30


Ring-neck parakeet                              115

Quaker parakeet                                   105                                                         90-150

Budgerigar                                                30                                                            25-35

Parrotlet, Pacific                                    30                                                            30-34

Lovebird                                                 45                                                            45-70


Green-cheeked                                         70                                                            60-80

Blue-crowned                                          140                                                         130-180

Cockatiel                                                 90                                                            80-125


Hahn’s                                                       140                                                         120-160

Macaw, Military                                    900

Macaw, Scarlet                                      1000                                                       900-1100

Macaw, Blue and Gold                        1100                                                       900-1300

Macaw, Green-winged                       1200                                                       1200-1600

Macaw, Hyacinth                                 1355                                                       1250-1695

Severe macaw                                        350                                                         300-450

Senegal parrot                                       125                                                         110-130

Mynah                                                                                                                       180-260

Pigeon (rock dove)                                                                                               240-300

Pionus, Blue-headed                           250                                                         230-260

African Grey parrot

Timneh                                                     350                                                         300-400

Congo                                                        500                                                         450-600

Amazon parrot

Orange-Winged                                     400                                                         300-450

Blue-fronted                                          400                                                         300-500

Yellow-naped                                       500                                                         480-680

Double yellow-headed                        568                                                         450-650

Eclectus parrot                                432                                                         388-524


Goffin’s                                                     350                                                         220-390

Umbrella                                                 650                                                         400

Moluccan                                                900                                                         700-1000

Citron-crested                                      360                                                         360-425





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