Household Dangers for Birds

household dangersCompanion Birds and Dangers around the Home

When it comes to companion birds, there are a number of things in the home that are potentially dangerous.

Check the Kitchen

One of the first rooms to check is the kitchen. Below, we listed some examples of things that could be extremely dangerous for birds.

  • Food cooking or water boiling on a hot stove
  • Gas leak from appliances (even a small leak could prove deadly to a bird)
  • Toxic gases – even toxins from Teflon pans can cause serious problems but so can drip pans, bread makers, and a number of other appliances found in the kitchen. The reason – birds have an efficient respiratory tract and thereby, they are susceptible to fumes and vapors.

cleanerPotentially Deadly Toxins

  • In addition to toxins found in the kitchen, birds should never be subjected to things like perfumes, air freshener, potpourri, hairspray, cigarette smoke, oven cleaner, oil-based paint, spray on deodorant, flea bombs, stain remover, scented candles, nail polish, bleach insecticides, carpet freshener, furnisher polish, bathtub cleaner, and others.


Other potentially dangerous things found in the home include:

  • Poorly vented fireplaces
  • Open toilet seats
  • Ceiling fans
  • Large mirrors
  • Open windows
  • Drafty windows that can cause extreme temperature changes
  • Cages placed too close to heat/cold sources to include air vents, furnaces, air conditioning units, open doors, and even closed windows
  • Other pets that may not get along with birds

Risks Associated with Chewing

Birds are notorious for chewing, which is why they should always be provided with plenty of chew toys. However, there are specific dangers in the home associated with chewing such as those listed below:

  • Poisonous household plants
  • Electrical cords
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Paper with color ink
  • Rubber bands and other soft rubber products
  • Heavy metals to include mini-blinds, old paint, curtain weights, costume jewelry, and leaded stained glass

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