Amazons – Companion Parrots With Playful Personalties

amazonAmazon parrots are very well known for their remarkable talking and singing abilities. They are excellent communicators due to their body language and vast use of all their feathers to say what’s on their mind. If you know your amazon, you can tell when he is excited or is being aggressive by the way they fluff their head feathers and fan their tail feathers.

Together with this body language and eyes pinning there is no doubt he’s saying something loud and clear.

These are medium-size parrots native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean and can live up to 50+ years. Although, mostly green in color they have vivid accent colors such as blues, yellows, reds and oranges depending on the species that make them attractive companion birds.  They have a strong , built-in need to chew, and thus require safe, destructible toys.

All birds are territorial with their cage but especially an amazon. During spring time, when sexually mature, these parrots can become over stimulated and show aggression toward their owners. Knowing how to read their body language is key with the amazons as to not allow that confrontation, so pay attention. When you see eyes pinning, ruffled head feathers and a flared tail an imminent bite is coming.

These companion parrots are some what of a “touch-me-not” bird. They will however choose one person that can pet and cuddle but the rest of the family just singing and talking at them will do.

These parrots have playful personalities so they are perfectly content playing with their toys, singing opera,  hanging upside down talking and singing. They also love love love to eat so when it comes time for dinner they mean serious business.

The Amazon parrot is prone to fatty liver and obesity. They are not picky eaters so their flock family tend to over feed them. They have this special high pitched sound that is equivalent to “yum yum MORE” and are happy to share food with their owners and eat right off their plates.

They can overeat and overindulge because when its time to eat they become a begging lap dogs so owners have to be cautious not to flip to much food to their Amazons. It’s best to keep them off people food and stick to a pelleted diet with little seeds, nuts, fruits and leafy greens, portion control is best.

Amazons come from the rain forest and love bath time. They don’t mind getting completely soaked, especially on rainy days.  They like to be the center of attention so be sure to put their play gyms or cage in the family room.

It does get challenging during movie time if your amazon is still awake because that’s when they get the most chatty and sing-songy. A regular bed time for your amazon is helpful in eliminating this competition but an added bonus is a full 10 hours of solid sleep will prove to make a happy amazon in the morning. If these companion parrots don’t get enough rest they are much like humans the next day, grumpy.

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