January – Adopt A Rescue Bird Month

It’s a new year and here we are the first day of January 2015. This month of every year just might be the healthiest month of the year. Isn’t this when 80% of us make those resolutions to be healthier, to change for the better, promises to work out more or eat cleaner?

Ask any gym staff member when their busiest time of the year is, it will without a doubt be January! If only we could keep our promises to ourselves and loved ones on all these New Year’s Resolutions!

So it seems apropos that January is also Adopt a Rescue Bird Month, as there are many companion birds that need — and deserve — a new, healthier start in life.

Unfortunately, there are far too many pet birds relinquished to adoption organizations, and, compared to cats and dogs, their longer lifespans puts parrots at an even greater risk of losing their homes due to life changes, death (out living their loved one), divorce, abuse, etc. Is the adoption option best for you and your family?

While you work on improving yourself this month, consider improving the wellbeing of a bird in need. Here are some reasons to consider the adoption option if you are thinking about welcoming a feathered friend into your heart and home.

Although, we realize adoption of an older bird who may or may not have aggressive behavior, health and or hormonal issues just like adopting a child it should be considered a forever commitment so do your research and expect the good with the bad just like with any relationship.

Rescue parrotReason #1: Because you would be giving a parrot in need a loving, caring home for rest of their life.

Reason #2: Because a lot of birds in rescues or adoption organizations are in the 2nd and 3rd decades of life which is their sexual maturity will give you a better idea of what all parrots will go through during this age.

Those who have never experienced this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality in the spring will get full training for any and all companion parrots they purchase or rescue.

Most customers of ours have both, a parrot they have raised from baby and one or two they have rescued, so this experience and education gives them insight and knowledge on what to expect when their once “cuddly” baby becomes ‘of age’.

Reason #3: Each person or family have good reasons why they buy a specific species, in my experience the number one reason is because they are known for being the best talkers. So in adopting an older companion parrot that already talks or mimics sounds, songs or speech is the only way to guarantee your bird will talk. When buying a baby there are no guarantees this bird will ever say a word.

Wanting a parrots that talks, however, should not be your sole reason for the adoption or wanting one in your life as a companion. Yes it’s an added bonus as this chatter will keep you company and its an opportunity to interact with an already established vocabulary but investing in this as your sole reason could be potentially a disappointment.

Reason #4: A reputable parrot rescue will match you and your family with the appropriate species you are qualified to adopt. As they have had the bird and have cared for it they better understand his personality and quirks so this will better match your personality, living situation, skill level and expectations.

Most reputable organization will have an application process which will also allow them to get to know you and your needs or wants so that they can assess which species would be right for you and which ones are NOT.

Reason #5: An upstanding adoption organization or rescue will have most of the birds’ health issues if any under control by the time he/she is ready for adoption. The good news is that this is the bulk of the expense when adopting a parrot that may have been neglected, fed a poor or the wrong diet, or in unsanitary conditions.

Reputable rescues will also have these birds well on their way to good health and converted nutritionally before you take them home. They will have exposed the birds to fruits, vegetables and a variety of nutritionally balanced diet for that particular species in which you will be taught to continue.

If you are able to open your home to a rescued bird forever we encourage you this month to reach out to your local parrot rescues and start the process in bringing one of these enchanting, intelligent, playful animals home.

If this is not an option for you and your family there are other ways you can help rescue organizations even if you can’t adopt there are openings to volunteer your time, donate supplies, food or through monetary contributions. Every rescue has a “Wish List”.

Please make a conscientious well-researched decision as adopting and or buying a companion parrot is a long time commitment that should be taken seriously, not experimentally.

Happy New Year!



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