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How To Sprout Seeds For Your Birds

To Soak or Not to Soak? It’s No Question…. Soak! The Why: The fundamental reason for sprouting is to increase the bio-availability of nutrients. Grains, nuts, beans, and seeds have protective compounds – phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors (or anti-enzymes) etc., in their hulls and coatings that, 1) keep them from germinating, 2) help them …

Holiday Recipes For Birds

With the holiday season fast approaching most everyone looks forward to seeing their friends and families, and of course sharing a special holiday dinner with their loved ones. Well we thought it might be a good idea to shares some recipes for all our family members including our feathered family. Here are few to get you …

Deterring Reproduction Behavior in Birds

For most parrots, Spring is the primary month for the reproductive cycle. Of course, based on the specific breed, as well as environment and other factors, breeding might take place during other times of the year. For instance, cockatiels and chickens breed more when there is plenty of daylight while other species prefer darker days …

Dealing With Respiratory Problems in Birds Due to Seasonal Changes

During the fall and winter months, cooler temperatures can create problems for animals, especially birds. Because our feathered family members are at greater risk of developing respiratory problems, it is critical that owners taken appropriate measures. In addition to cold air, mold, spores and dust on heaters often can also pose significant risk especially for …

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